The Holiness of God

Andy Richardson
1 min readAug 1, 2022

“There is none holy like the Lord. There is none besides You” (1 Samual 2:2).

Holiness is one of God’s distinct attributes.

It doesn’t define God, but it does describe Him. It isn’t a complete description of Him, but it is an essential aspect of who He is. Holiness is the quality of God that sets Him apart from everything that is not God. It is that which separates Him from sin and evil and profane. It is that which makes Him unique from all others things in the universe and beyond. He is separate, different, unique… holy.

The amazing thing is that His holiness is transferrable.

When His presence enters into a specific location, it becomes a holy place, a holy of holies. When His Spirit enters into a person, we become the temple of God. The more He is present in us, the more distinct from this world we become. Purity grows. This is called sanctification, the holy process of growing in Christ and becoming like Him. But, purity isn’t holiness, it is the result of being holy.

We bow down in awe of God’s unique holiness.

And we also ask Him to help us become holy like He is.



Andy Richardson

pastor, business owner, contractor, sports fan, and freelance writer