Someday You Will See Him

Andy Richardson
1 min readFeb 22, 2023

“Then the glory of the Lord will be revealed, and all mankind will see” (Isaiah 40:5).

Jesus is the glory of God in the flesh.

He dwelt among men. They saw Him up close and personal. They traveled with Him. They ate together, prayed together, and ministered together. They saw His miracles, and they saw His tears. They saw that He was full of grace and truth, and they even saw the glory of God in Him. This is the testimony of John, the closest disciple to Him. They knew Him best, and although thousands saw Him, not all mankind had that privilege.

Isaiah said that there will be a day when the whole world will see His glory.

Here the prophet tells us that there is going to be a great revealing. The Lord will show Himself to all mankind, and on that day every valley will be lifted up and every mountain and hill will be made low. The rough ground will be made smooth, and all the rugged places will become like a broad plain. The earth itself will be changed because the glory of the Lord will be present in the person of Jesus, the King of kings.

But, not every heart will be changed. Some will still resist Him.

Make sure that you aren’t one of them.



Andy Richardson

pastor, business owner, contractor, sports fan, and freelance writer